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California Sun - The Bobby Fuller Four Story

Rock-n-Roll Animation project for a mature audience.

Concept ART Video for California Sun
Illustrations by Rudy Mercado

''Blessed with good looks, charm and amazing musical talent, a young Texan sets out for Hollywood on a quest to seize fame.

Although tragedy strikes, he ends up performing in the most euphoric of venues surrounded by his childhood idols.''

“CALIFORNIA SUN” is a story about chasing the “American Dream”, the story of an ambitious and talented group of musicians led by Bobby Fuller who, by sheer will power and perseverance, quickly gained fame and a huge following in Hollywood, California and nationally with songs becoming hits on the Billboard charts in 1965 and 1966.

Eventually, it was a dream which tragically ended with Bobby's mysterious death on July 18th, 1966 at age 23. This is a unique story which explores the hope and tragedy of life, while also exposing the dark side of the American Dream.


Images from the animated teaser «The Bobby Fuller Four Story» currently in development, created and directed by Rudy Mercado.
The teaser was produced by Flying Head Animation. Arly Jones and Sami Natsheh directed the project in collaboration with the Universidad Miguel Hernández Production Animation Factory UMH headed by Mario Pablo Martínez and Carmen Muriana.

Production Team

Director, Script, Art director, Original Idea: R. M.

Cabeza Voladora Animación: Arly Jones and Sami Natsheh

Casting, Production: Janet Jackson Tyler-Lummer

Soundtrack: Tim Ellis

Script: Tracy Wilcox

Models: Alex Fredriech & Isaac Mate