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 BIPOC-owned Opera House.

We aim to create change by opening an educational, fully-functioning Opera House and Performance Center: God‘s Music House (GMH). GMH will be the first of its kind, a BIPOC-owned and administered educational and performance center, one that can generate great transformation, where all artists will be welcome. Aspiring classical artists will learn in Europe, the great cultural ferment where classical music was born. Europe inexorably provides a cultural backdrop rich in not just classical music, but also cultural, linguistic and epicurean diversity — not to mention history and intermarriage of ideas and artistic trends.

It’s also the cradle of all the languages used in operatic and other classical compositions, quite literally an ‘Oral Tradition’ passed down through the centuries.

Being exposed to this on a daily basis inevitably allows the performers to better assimilate and integrate classical music traditions, and to be informed by different languages and cultural threads.

Our goal is to create an environment where teachers congregate, work together and create a syllabus by which to coach emerging artists and help them attain their highest personal and artistic achievement. These emerging artists [students] will be provided the opportunity to perform with world-class talent on a nightly basis in our professional productions. GMH will be the place for aspiring artists to work and study with much-lauded talent and a place to learn from professionals.

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GMH will be BIPOC–owned. BIPOC members will also be appointed to administrative positions contingent upon training and qualifications. If they are not qualified, they will receive an assistant position so they can be mentored and trained for the future.


To Educate Classical Artists of all Colors and financial backgrounds in a European setting.

Our composers need more exposure, as do our singers and instrumentalists. They need to be included in all aspects of the classical world as others are. This will be an opera house that focuses on artists that have been overlooked and forgotten.

Compositions that have never been heard in Europe and new works that have never premiered in the world.


Factual / Interview-Series


Genre: Factual / Interview-Series
Host: Natalia Avelon
Länge: 45 minutes (netto)
Produktion: On Location

Parents and children: best friends, competitors, enemies... to what extent are we as human beings influenced by our parents - both positively and negatively?

Do they influence our choice of career and partner, our desire to have children and their upbringing? How much do parents shape our character? Directly or subconsciously? WHO AM I THROUGH YOU deals with precisely these questions.

The aim: to find out who we are and where we come from. We give parents and their chidren the opportunity and the space to really get to know each other. It is not only about conflicts that suddenly arise because parents and children were never honest with each other, but also about beautiful moments between them that serve as prime examples for others.

Viewers are given valuable, lasting impulses and good advice for their own lives and the future.

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California Sun

The Bobby Fuller Four Story


Genre: Rock-n-Roll Animation
Director: Rudy Mercado
Länge: 90 minutes

Rock-n-Roll Animation project for a mature audience.

Blessed with good looks, charm and amazing musical talent, a young Texan sets out for Hollywood on a quest to seize fame. Although tragedy strikes, he ends up performing in the most euphoric of venues surrounded by his childhood idols.

“CALIFORNIA SUN” is a story about chasing the “American Dream”, the story of an ambitious and talented group of musicians led by Bobby Fuller who, by sheer will power and perseverance, quickly gained fame and a huge following in Hollywood, California and nationally with songs becoming hits on the Billboard charts in 1965 and 1966.

Eventually, it was a dream which tragically ended with Bobby's mysterious death on July 18th, 1966 at age 23. This is a unique story which explores the hope and tragedy of life, while also exposing the dark side of the American Dream.